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Friday, February 22, 2008

What I want

A few years back I thought I had it all figured out. I worked a full time job. Had my 2 kids in daycare and lived with my 'baby daddy'. Everyday was pretty much the same. The daily grind. Going to pick the kids up from daycare, stopping at McDonald's or out to eat. Our house was always trashed. I would even go buy new socks and underwear because I never even had a minute to do laundry! Fast forward a few years. I think I have it half figured out. We are finally married. We have our third child and I'm home much more. I work about 25 hours a week instead of 40.Working nights and weekends so #3 is not in daycare at all. We are even just about the same financially. If only we had known....... Our house is much neater(although still cluttered)laundry is done more often and I cook dinner almost every night. This is what I want out of the future:

One more child (hopefully a girl!! Em won't dare let me put her in a dress anymore.This one will wear them everyday!)
To not work AT ALL with the exception of a TS party once or twice a week.
To home school my preschoolers. (I've change my mind about homeschooling alot. I still like having my big kids in the local public school though. It gives all of of us a sense of community.)
To go to church! All of us!
To be better at home arts such as baking bread and sewing.
All in all I guess I really am an 'Old Fashioned Girl' after all......

Who knew???

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