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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

todays savings AKA I heart Giant Eagle

I just got back from the Giant Eagle and boy did I get a deal!!
They had buy $25 worth of Kimberly-Clark paper products get $5 back. Ok well all of those products were on sale and I had coupons for everything plus a $5 off any baby purchase from joining baby rewards.

For $17 I got:
1 pack of Huggies
1 pack of Huggies wipes
1 box Huggies Wash Cloths
1 Huggies Hand Soap
1 pack Kotex
1 4 pack Cottonelle for kids
1 12 pack of Scott toilet paper

After that I got the $5 back so I used that for the rest of my stuff (I separated my orders)

After coupons(and $5 off my next shopping order) I got all of this for $7:
3 boxes of Pop tarts
1 six pack of Trix yogurt
2 bags of Light and Fluffy noodles
1 tube of Colgate
2 bags of Green Giant Veggies in sauce
1 Bottle of ginger ale
1 tub of sherbet

Isn't that a deal??? My total savings with both receipts were nearly $30!!! And its all stuff we actually use. I needed that small bright spot in this bleak week.
Tim and I were at Aldi earlier and thinks its not that great. I walked out with 2 bags of stuff for $35 and a whole cart at Giant Eagle for $24. Thats the difference when you use coupons

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S.B. said...

Wow, that's a great deal on the Huggies stuff. That's too bad about Aldi, I was planning on checking out our local store for the first time - I'm a big couponer, so I might be a bit let down.

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