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Sunday, January 27, 2008

my first post!

I'm fairly new to 'Blogger' I have blogged on Myspace and livejournal. Those have been updates of my life and what not. This one will be for my adventures in shopping,couponing,cooking,decorating and other areas of domestic bliss. Unfortunately I think some of my fun times will come to a bit of a stand still this week as I sprained my ankle earlier today and ended up on crutches!! How I'm going to look after my brood this way remains to be seen. However I'll fill you in on my latest fab finds!!

Friday-Thrift store with my sister!
2 Super cute throw pillows for my couch $8
a new punch bowl (I always borrow my co-workers!) with cups and ladle $2.50
A pair of wannabee Uggs $5
a nice plain white tart warmer $2
A surprise bag of baby socks. .99 cents. I thought they were for boys but only one pair was. The other 2 were BRAND NEW Trumpette Mary Jane socks. I pray all the time that God will bless us with another baby girl in the near future. Maybe it's a sign : )
Got a few other odds and ends too.
Then we went to Kuhns. They had Lipton sides at 12/$10. I had a whole bunch of .75/2 coupons. Double those and I ended up with tons of packets at about .08 cents each! Woohoo!

Saturday-Walgreens had Jane Make up BOGO. Had a printable coupon(you can find it HERE) for $2 off each item. I bought 3 lip glosses and a blush, 2 boxes of cookies and 2 boxes of Sippah straws for the kids grand total after coupon's: $2.52 !! I couldn't believe my luck! SO I went back with 2 more coupons and grabbed 2 loose powders. After coupon......... .06 cents!!!
We also went to Half -Price books where I finally started my Nancy Drew Collection! I bought the 1960's editions of Book's #1and #2. A Nancy Drew Journal, a book on Salsas and Chutneys(I plan on learning how to can this year!!) and cookbook called Midnight Munchies.
I also found a great deal on line. I used some of our Christmas money to purchase the Pistoulet bowls to match our set. They were buy 3 get one free plus 15% off. I got 8 bowls for around $38 shipped!

I guess I'll go put my feet up now and go through todays paper.


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